What topics should be focused on more, and what's best to leave behind? Mediator answers the questions editors face using the power of numbers.
The Topics dashboard helps to:
Find out:
which topics are most interesting and engaging to readers.
which topics get more views, what gets people sharing, and what brings in the most readers from social media.
how reader interests change over time, what they're reading today, and what was on top in the past.
which articles are read more often on desktop or mobile.
resources to explore what brings in engaged readers, not just views.
How does it work?
a topic, period and a type of device (desktop or mobile).
You'll see
— The list of articles on the chosen topic.
— The number of views for each article.
— The percent of visitors who scrolled to the end and converted into readers.
— How long readers spent on an article.
— Virality: shares on social media and their click-throughs.
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