Editors can only work if they know what articles bring in engaged readers, and what's a waste of time and resources.
Thankfully, Mediator helps to always stay on the right track.
The Analytics dashboard helps to
Move beyond:
your normal routine and look at performance results from all angles.
where authors accomplished their goal of engaging readers.
overall author performance for any specified period.
your audience by learning what they read, share and click on in social media.
Tune in:
to reader habits and what should be developed next.
staff operations in line with which topics and formats work, and which don't.
How does it work?
Select the
period you're interested in, a report for and the devices you need to analyze (desktop or mobile)
Find out:
— what topics resonated most with readers.
— the best and worst page layouts.
— which articles were most interesting, and what flopped.
— what articles got the most shares.
— which articles were best for social media traffic.
Are you ready for next level media?