Editorial Analytics Tool for Digital Media

Editorial Analytics Tool for Digital Media
We help media to build loyalty with audience and advertisers
to tell stories so people actually hear them, no matter what they are
to follow trends, fine-tune the editorial line and work smarter with authors
to understand what's happening in their office, set reasonable KPIs and help speed growth
Real-time dashboard:
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Real-time dashboard:
Displaying content usage in real time: what people read and what they skip. Necessary tool in order to save your article
Shows which articles attract engaged readers, and what's just a waste of time and resources
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Helps editors to objectively assess the efficiency of journalists the media works with, and the authors - to get opportunities for professional growth.
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Traffic sources:
Determines which sources attract readers and which result in quick views and low retention. The first are worth investments, while it is best to abandon the last ones.
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Helps figure out what content engages the most readers
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Our customers:
Thanks to Mediator, now we are as close to as objective assessment of our articles as possible. We realized what was going wrong and how to make it better.

Aleksey Fuksin, Manager of Spanish Online Projects in RT
Our media would have benefited from something like this a long-long time ago. It helps us better understanding our readership, produce better content and test new focus areas.

Dmitry Asafiev, Development Director of Banki.Ru
Editorial metrics provide us with powerful feedback from readers. It changes the way we see things. An article might seem great for editor, but the readers do not seem impressed. We need to figure out why, how to update it.

Nadezhda Sokirskaya, Chief Editor of Lady Mail.Ru Project
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